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Rs. 60,000.00/sq yd


Prime commercial land is available for sale in Pashambanda Village of Telangana state. It is a crystal clear titled property. It is a complete boundary wall fenced land. The land is closed to SR Classic Convention. It is a fully plain and empty land. Shape of this land is square. It is a main damber road attached property. Well suitable land for all prime commercial developments. It is a close to NH44 Highway land. Surrounding all prime projects available. 19Kms away from Hyderabad city. 8.5Kms away from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. 7Kms away from Aramghar. 6Kms from Katedhan.

Additional Details

Property ID
Rs. 60,000.00
Property type
Commercial Lands
Property status
7835 sq yd
Ranga Reddy district


  • Hospital
  • School/College
  • Bus stand
  • Railway Station
  • Airport
  • Highway
  • Market
  • Industries
  • Water & Electricity
  • Metro Station



•Location of the property which is being posted, will not be exact when PIN code of the area is entered in the box.
• Google Pin on the map will show tentative/ approximate location in that area around.
• It has been designed like that, to protect the interest and security of the location of the property which is being posted.
• How ever, if you wish, you can also indicate the exact location of the property by dragging the Google Pin on the map, whenever you want.

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